srijeda, 20. listopada 2010.

Tattoos - like/dislike?

So people, whaddya think about tattoos? Ever thought about it as some kind of taboo or like a body art?
If you didn't know, tattoos are not something new. Art of tattoing is dating from the fourth to fifth millennium BC in many ancient civilizations, based in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and ancient China. Tattooing in Japan is thought to go back to the Paleolithic era, some ten thousand years ago (talk about tradition...)
Today, tattoing is still looked upon with a dose of prejudices. Honestly, what do you think when you see something like this :

Well, someone might think it's a cool tattoo, but most people would say "Eww, he is tattooed like that, he was certainly in prison". In my experience, even with tattoos on "normal" places (shoulder, leg etc..) people will look at you like you're toched in the head.
What are your experiences, thoughts? Post images of your tattoos if any,, ;)

3 komentara:

  1. i agree on tattoos is like body art. i would really like a tattoo myself - i would like a very nice eagle on my back... but i won't get a tattoo where i can't hide it, because many people (where i live) thinks that tattooed guys is hardcore rapers or something :P

  2. Yeah, u're both right! :)
    In here, people are not going to that exreemes, but they aren't very open-minded to that kind of art as well. My parents thought that I was on some drugs when they saw my first tattoo hehe